A Calendar of Affects

The earth orbits the sun and simultaneously rotates around its own axis. This is the time that we know, seasons, days and nights, which we perceive as a natural phenomenon. But time is also man-made, designed. We divide time into artificial units such as minutes and seconds, we mark important dates along its constant flow, we experience it as both cyclical and irreversible, we afford it meaning and shape.

Humanity runs on a standardised time, with clocks and calendars that guide us along a universal continuum. But common time-measuring mechanisms are blind to the fact that time is also an intimate experience, coloured by subjective variables. While there is still much that we do not understand about human perception of time, one fact is clear: we do not experience it in the same way that clocks portray it.

The project stems from this subjective view of time and examines the interaction between temporality and emotions, environments and activities. Objects freely manifest varying perceptions of time as a point, cycle, or linearity. Units measured are extended to seasons, heartbeats, and random durations. And temporality is materialised through different flows and substances.

It is said that we have nothing that is truly ours except time; the objects seek to reclaim this intimate experience of temporality. 

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A Calendar of Affects from Naama on Vimeo.

Photos and Video by Gabriele Mariotti