The DrawBox Project

Design Museum, Holon and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

The Drawbox Project is a children-oriented interactive artwork, in which participants can collaboratively create an imaginary-virtual world composed of drawings. Participants are invited to draw and to contribute drawings to The Drawbox - a special workstation installed at the site. They then discover what happens to them when they are sent into a moving, virtual world which mimics real-world physical laws and properties.

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The Drawbox can be simultaneously installed in multiple locations. In this mode, participants in remote locations collaboratively contribute content into a single, shared virtual world. Participants create drawings that relate to existing ones, and can correspond with each other through drawing.
The Drawbox Project seeks to engage visitors in a simple, yet self expressive, form of creation and interaction. Participants learn about drawing and about each other, exploring a form of playful transition between the physical and digital worlds.

The Drawbox Project, commissioned by Design Museum Holon For Design Week Holon 2014, was created by the Interaction Lab at the Holon Institute of Technology. The project has been made possible with the support of the British Council's BIARTS program for cultural exchange, the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport.

The Interaction Lab, Holon Institute of Technology - Michal Rinott, Daniil Umanski, Naama Agassi, Irad Lee


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